What is Dolce Mira Product?

Dolce Mira is a coffee dripper that allows complete control during brewing, choose the preferred quantity of coffee and direct the flow of boiling water over them evenly to extract all the flavor of the coffee for a perfect cup every time.

Made from premium kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel and Phthalate free, it has a strong perforated outer layer dropper, while the inner layer works fine mesh to keep all the ingredients for the cup, using this stainless steel dropper eliminates the need for paper filters for all the flavor and essential oils of coffee

What Makes Dolce Mira coffee filter a special product?

Dolce Mira Coffee filter proves that nothing is further required for the perfect cup of coffee, it has many reasons to be the top of coffee brewer products, it is particularly suitable to filter coffee due to its neutral design and high-strength properties and popular for brewing coffee.

Unlike other products in the market, Dolce Mira Coffee dripper has a nice bonus, which is a stainless steel spoon; it allows you to measure the amount of coffee every time, and a silicone lining for a better and safe touch.

In addition, our product filter has a removable part; it can be used to prepare for the flask and not only the circle whereas the upper part of the filter is non-removable dissimilar to our competitors.

The elegant handle mounted on top, and the base slots that allow you to look into your cup and see how it is full during the preparation of your coffee and the lower part of the filter has made to suit all sizes of cups.

Dolce Mira Product unlike other products is more elegant, high quality and attractive design made in USA, so it probably worth the price.

Moreover, you do not need to buy paper filters anymore for two reasons:

  • Dolce Mira Coffee Dripper Environmentally friendly , designed to be used for a lifetime
  • Foil prevents imparting flavor to your coffee (no paper flavor , if you’re really sensitive)


Available to buy on amazon.com